How to use SD Card as Default Storage on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

one of the Annoying part of Using Android 5.1 and 6.0 is that your SD card is sometimes Useless, because your phone storage is the default Disk for anything you do, whereas it is not so on 4.2 and 4.4 versions of Android phones.

but today, you will be learning How to use SD Card as Default Storage on Android 6.0 Marshmallow .

Let me show you how to make default your SD card as your storage memory on Android 6.0 devices. Meaning, every application you’ll download, file etc will be stored directly on your SDcard and not phone memory.


1. Make sure you use original SD card or else it will not last long on the device
2. If you are using old Micro SD card, back up all your files and document
Note that this tutorial is not the same step with Android version lower than 6.0.

How to Use SD Card As Default Internal Storage on Android 6.0

1. Turn OFF your phone> insert the SD card you wish to use as internal storage >Turn it ON again
You should get a notification that a new SD card has been detected; double tap the notification

2. Tick Use as internal storage then click on Next
3. Before you implement this step, make sure you backed up all your file in a safe place or phone memory.
4. Click Erase and Format (Wait while the SD card get formatted)

5. Tick Move now or Move later depending on when you wish to move media files from the internal storage to the newly prepared SD card

6. Click Done and reboot your your device.
Once the process is completed, any app you download from any source will be automatically installed into your SD card as default memory.
Note that Once you format your external SD card as internal storage on Marshmallow, it can only be used on the same device then. To use it on other devices, a format will be required, which ensures the safety of your data on the SD card.

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