Friday, 29 July 2016

How to use mtn whatsapp MB to browse and power all Apps with Psiphon

Although this tweak has been around for a very long time, although there is a little change in the proxy server, so for those of you that would like to do one thing or the other on your android phone and you only have whatsapp MB, i think this post should Help.

first i know you guys already know how to sub for Whatsapp MB via mtn which is N25 weekly and N60 monthly.

Name ==> Mtn

Apn ==>

Username ==> empty

password ==> Empty

Leave the rest at default**


*Tick Romove Port*

Proxy type==> Real Host

Proxy Server ==>

realproxy type ==> Default

Real proxy server ==> *Empty"

Real proxy port ==> 80

Save and Click on MORE OPTION

*Tick Connect Through HTTP Header*

==> Tick use the following settings.

Host Address ==>

Port ==> 8080

Thats all

then go Back and Hit the Connect button.

This is not meant for Downloading, but it will Atleast help some of this blog ready. if you are facing any difficulty kindly use the comment Box and dont forget to share this pOst to Fb, twitter, WhatsApp.


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